Legal Service / Scope of Work

工傷意外 疏忽索償, 民事訴訟
Employment Compensation Claim and Personal Injury Case, Negligence Claim, Civil Litigation

The firm works for the Workplace Accident and Negligence Claim, Civil Litigation, Commercial Disputes, as well as rental and shareholder disputes. The firm also provides services for administrative appeals, such as liquor licensing and other licensing-related appeals.

Divorce, Separation, Custody Order, Prenuptial Agreement

The firm provides service for commencing divorce lawsuits and making an application for the child’s custody and ancillary relief on behalf of the client. The firm also provides service for drafting and preparation of the notice of separation and separation deed for the client. The firm can provide the services of prenuptial agreements drafting for the client. In relation to the guardianship application for the children born out of wedlock and other family law-related issues, the firm can also help the client.

Wills, Probate and Inheritance

The firm provides service for the probate application. The firm also handles the lawsuit for inheritance disputes. The firm can also provide services in relation to, such as wills and family trusts drafting.

Enduring Power of Attorney
Enduring Power of Attorney / Guardianship Order for Mentally Incapacitated Persons

The firm handles the Enduring Power of Attorney for the client. With the advent of acute illness and accidentally psychiatric disorder, the family member can manage assets and arrange personal welfares for the Mentally Incapacitated Patients under the Enduring Power of Attorney of all possible futures. The firm also acts in the guardianship order application for the Mentally Incapacitated Persons.

Intellectual Property

The firm acts in the trademark registration and patent applications for the client. The firm also handles the trademark disputes and litigations on behalf of the client.

Corporate and Commercial Law
Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide annual legal advice for corporate and body corporate. We also provide services in relation to the contract, agreement and legal document drafting and reviewing, including, for instance, the shareholders' agreement, share transfer agreement, and employment contract.

Criminal Proceeding

The firm provides service for criminal defence, mitigation, bail and legal visiting.

Marriage Celebrant Service

The firm provides marriage celebrant services, including wedding services in the firm and in other places. The marriage celebrant services can be conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Property / Rental-Related Matters

The firm acts for property transactions, involving transaction between close relatives, Deed of Gift, mortgage and Tenancy matters. The firm also handles Power of Attorney for property transaction.

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